True Stories

True Stories ★★★★★

“I really enjoy forgetting. When I first come to a place, I notice all the little details. I notice the way the sky looks. The color of white paper. The way people walk. Doorknobs. Everything. Then I get used to the place and I don't notice those things anymore. So only by forgetting can I see the place again as it really is.”

True Stories is a most remarkable film. It oozes with personality, style, and things to say. David Byrne, front man for Talking Heads, directed, wrote, starred in, and composed music for this film, and astoundingly, he excels in every facet.
      The story is quite simple. It follows Louis, played charmingly by John Goodman, a fellow with a big heart, searching for romance. It’s quite a mundane tale, but the presentation is what makes it feel extraordinary. With only a 79-minute runtime, True Stories makes full use of every second of its screen time. Bursting with character, everything in the film makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

Where I found the film to most exceed, though, was its witty, and hilarious commentary on consumerism, using everything from grand music numbers to a variety of commercials, and a lady in bed. 

Though one could easily pass off True Stories as a film with no real method to its madness, it instead beckons to be thought on, and truly becomes “a completely cool, multi-purpose movie”. And boy, does it succeed.

Was a 9.5/10, now a 9.7/10

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