Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★½

Taking your boyfriend to the cemetery to show him your dead mom on a first date? This isn’t Smallville, ya know.

Allison Brie is fantastic in the movie, everything else? Not so much. I feel like the progression of her deterioration was too fast. The score I felt was too... weird. It took me out of the movie and made me laugh every time it was played. I also laughed during her “freak out scene”, which I don’t think I was supposed to do.

Everything just felt too obvious. Oh, look, scratches on the wall? She mUsT bE cRazY!

Also, why is it called Horse Girl? Is it because she’s very protective of horses? Is her schizophrenia also linked to her friend’s accident (if not, what was the point in adding that)? Is the director trying to say that Horse Girls are secretly crazy? Conspiracies.

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