Zodiac ★★★★★

i don't know if its my positive bias towards jake gyllenhaal or because im fascinated by the case of the zodiac killer, but this movie is perfect in my (very subjective) eyes.

also since i apparently love to overshare, i think my attraction to this film is mostly (besides jake gyllenhaal being endearingly awkward) because i grew up in the town where the first murder was committed and literally nothing ever happens there. the town is so mundane, the zodiac case is a sick anecdote in a pile of ordinary occurrences, so it's interesting to think that like, this happened here. and since the murder locations are all in a close vacinity as well as places still regularly visited by people, i have been to all of them at some point or another. and then there is the fact that the killer was never caught. idk i have SO many thoughts about this case, but this isn't the place to (continue to, sorry for this) overshare.

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