A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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This review may contain spoilers.

A dark reverse of a John Hughes movie
Honestly I don't care how cheesy this film is and that it has a skeleton fight similar to the one in Spy Kids. Even the kitschy, campy title says it all - in a game where the stake is their life, these kids aren't leaving without a fight. Or at least that's what I hope the narrator said in a deep voice in the trailer for the film. I actually find it sad how much the movie still resonates almost 35 (!) years later, and I'm scared to say that maybe it's even more timely now. Kids are belittled, labeled, not heard - except here some of them won't make it to their "hey, happy we're in this together" ending. It's also a well thought out sequel in terms of Freddy as a villain - as creative as all of his appearances in the movie are, he's not actually the big bad here, he's function is more of a grim reaper. And yet, somehow, it's the scariest he's ever been - not as a character because those one liners or him coming out of, well, anywhere, are actually more in the dumb funny realm. However him appearing is the sign of inner demons winning, of yet another kid lost because the adults decided to not give a damn and we're forced to watch it. I'd like to add that as dated as some of this may seem nowadays, Phillip's death remains unwatchable for me - I need to fully turn my head away from the screen and I'm rarely this dramatic (when watching a film). I'd like to end with this - 13 reasons wishes it was this poignant.

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