From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

This great Rod and QT outing is the best thing they did together. Four Rooms is the worst and Grindhouse is not suggestively their best, but certainly better than Four Rooms. The characters in Dusk till Dawn are deliberately symbolic like the realistic nuclear family in the midst of a horror film without them knowing it. With a marvellous passage from ordinary road movie to vampire horror in a subversion that is still banging and luxurious to this day. The script is by QT, but the film might as well be directed by him too as Rodriguez showcases how good he is at being a cameleon when it comes to his films like Planet Terror (John Carpenter-esc) and recently with an admirable attempt at recreating the James Cameron blockbuster with Battle Angel.

Dusk till Dawn is a romance with horror with a big yet underwritten roles all round like Tom Savini (the special effects maestro) who has a gun crotch that is just bonkers in the best way possible. Till Dawn also has a deeply flossed look that I like every time me and dad catch ourselves revisiting this film that we have had a mutual love for as long as I can remember. This piece of exploitation foolishness is consistently funny with each revisit. Its exploiting of slapstick humour with gory edge like the band or the table staking. Wild. Silly. Moves like a speed-freak. A classic, screwy, blood-soaked fantasy – and a neglected horror comedy of the likes of Shaun of the Dead. High spirited peak at these two crazy bastards (that’s how it's meant to be spelled Quentin) collaboration and friendship that gave us this wacky-tacky brilliance.

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