Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

I cried so much through this my head is a little loopy lol. What I think Daniels have achieved here is absolutely incredible. Putting this idea of generational trauma and mixing it with the multiverse concept was such a genius idea. I am so in awe of how Michelle Yeoh and the rest of the cast are able to be our beacon of emotional clarity through the chaos of the different universes. Truly such a special, once in a lifetime movie. 

My biggest gripe with this is quite coincidentally the gripe I had with my previous watch of Mikio Naruse’s A Woman’s Life. In that film, the two parallel narratives structure is there to help add together pathos and emotional weight from two different timelines of this woman’s life to get you to empathize with the plight that Japanese women of that time went through. But by jumping back and forth it ends up dampening the weight of the situation on either timeline.

EEAAO works so well on its moment to moment level. Daniels have such a tight grip on how an audience should be feeling at every moment and tone shift. However I can’t help but feel after all my tears have washed away like it was a little hollow. The actual substantive conclusive weight to our main personal conflicts (OG Evelyn with OG Joy, OG Waymond, and her OG father) don’t really hold that much meaning to me. Like I didn’t even feel like Evelyn’s acceptance of Joy and her girlfriend actually happened. And that was definitely something I was anticipating when the conflict was established early on. 

Also really fucking glad that Andrew Ahn’s Fire Island is coming out soon just to show that Asian Americans can make movies that aren’t about inter generational trauma.

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