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This review may contain spoilers.

First post-2049 viewing. Every time you watch this film, you notice something new. Here are a few of my new discoveries:

1. The kiss scene is brutal and scared the shit out of me; the aggression and violence there never really struck me before—even my professor said he noticed it had freaked all of us (a room of four males) out a bit. 

2. Vangelis’ score is magical and truly elevated the film to such radical heights. It also emphasizes how much potential 2049’s could have had, but, alas: we were left with a recovered and Zimmerfied soundtrack (2049’s sound design kicksass, but the score is still weak). 

3. Roy Batty has tattoos, lol.

4. Pris and Roy are driven to insanity by their dire situation by the end of the movie. I had thought they were simply using scare tactics to spook Deckard in the past. It really breaks your heart.

5.  I also did not realize that Roy is literally dying by the time he and Deckard have their stand-off, hence why he drives the nail through his hand to keep it working for him. I am an idiot and never pay enough attention to anything!!

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