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  • Do the Right Thing: 20 Years Later

    Do the Right Thing: 20 Years Later


    Consistency is maintained below with Spike Lee's published journals from the production of Do the Right Thing in the capitalization choices of "Black" and "white."
    Spike Lee: I know the cops did the wrong thing, that's for sure. And what's sad is that they continue to do the wrong thing and nothing ever happens. For me, that's what the movies about, you know, about human life and how, in America, Black life has become devalued; where it's not, you…

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing


    SPIKE LEE: Here come “New York’s Finest.” The title Do The Right Thing does not really refer to Mookie throwing the garbage can through the window, I mean. My experience, you know, since this film’s come out, the white audience, they’re more concerned about destruction of property, the destruction of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria, than they were about the death of Radio Raheem. I think they should ask themselves that question: why are they more concerned with the property of this…

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  • Of Stars and Men

    Of Stars and Men

    The Hubleys include little relatives (presumably their children) who are precocious and adorable, but very uninformative! Get back to Shapley's narration! Did they think we needed a break from the truth?

    60 years ago, no climate catastrophe was on the horizon! We blew it up! God damn we all to hell!

  • You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know...

    You've Got Beautiful Stairs, You Know...


    I was always struck by a line from an episode (now 21 years old, omg) of Spongebob where Plankton says to the 'bob, "You'll always let people step all over you. You're just like stairs!" Plankton's delivery of "You're just like stairs!" would ring in my head constantly and about a year or so after that, I used "Just Like Stairs" as the "title" for a mix CD I made (post-Napster, pre-Limewire... it was Kazaa) mostly of weird music bits…

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  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

    The Young Girls of Rochefort


    The first time I saw this film, I was watching it with a significant other who remorselessly fell asleep 50 minutes in. Yes, it was that significant other — this was after the Foreign Correspondent experience but before the text message breakup. By this point, it was clear that I should just finish the movie on my own and they would neither notice nor care (and they didn't; we had both given up caring about a lot of things). So…

  • Mank


    Someone says "Aircraft carriers are a shitty idea" with a completely straight face in a film about screenwriting. A film so full of howlers and cringey missteps that I actually think the whole pointless Welles character assassination barely registers (because it's also barely in the movie). Don't throw Norma Shearer under the bus like that. Be sure to tell everyone in the audience who and what everyone is at every moment! Typewriter screenplay scene transitions and reel changes, yikes! Needless…