Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★½

I must just admit it, I felt so underwhelmed by this movie. It's not that Double Indemnity is a film I disliked, far from it in fact I found it to be a decent film with some taut thrills and decent direction from Billy Wilder. I felt in the end though that this 1944 film noir lacked what many others seem to see in this, a sense of being arrested by the story.

The story see's an insurance salesman and a customers wife plotting to kill her husband, but it ain't going to be easy with sharp eyed colleagues and of course, how to kill him. Starring Fred MacMurray as the salesman Walter Neff and Barbara Stanwyck as the wife Phyllis Dietrichson, the acting is pretty good although MacMurray says the word "baby" way way too much in this movie. For me the standout performance though is Edward G. Robinson as Neff's colleague Barton Keyes, Robinson make his scenes exciting but to be fair all the main cast are game in making Wilders movie move along just about swiftly enough.

I may not feel this to be of the highest quality personally, hell I'd be lying to myself if I just said this was a great film for me. What I will add though is that this is a good film, I of course still recommend it and I'm pretty sure the majority who watch this will get what they expect from a film noir.

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