Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

"Okay. You've got thirty of my fucking seconds. Thrill me."

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is a pretty fun movie.

It's a non stop detective movie that's really funny at some times, and miss some points in the others.

Downey Jr. performance is amazing here, wich is really sad because he has such a good comedic timming and tone, but after the Iron Man/Avengers frenzy, he became a typecast, and the guy clearly has a talent.

The upside of this movie for me it's the first half, the beginning of the film is so funny and well made, director Shane Black did a amazing job here, his timing is also perfect, and he clearly likes to work with Downey Jr. given that their Iron Man 3 movie is (for me) the best on the triology.

Overall this movie is a fun time, i just felt the the second half of it, specially the end, lost the tone of the first one, and got a little generic, but overall a crazy good movie.

- Will Neot

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