Signs ★★★★★

I watched "Signs" so much as a kid that I think it eventually drove my family crazy, and it's safe to say that even with all the years that have flown by, that love has definitely not faded. I've heard all the complaints over the years, and can even understand some of them (particularly in regards to that "twist"), but for whatever reason this is just one of those films I can overlook I think mostly minor flaws. I just love how genuinely eerie, and even at times scary this film is, it's honestly got some of the most effective use of jump scares of any film I've seen which still get under my skin to this day. It definitely consists of some of M. Night Shyamalan's best camera work and not to mention one of my favorite James Newton Howard scores. But most of all, I just love the wholesome and touching family dynamic of this film, it certainly has the biggest heart of all of M. Night's films. This is one of Mel Gibson's best performances overall, while Joaquin Phoenix is typically great as are Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin too. It might not necessarily be his best per say, but I definitely have no problem in saying this still just barely edges out "Unbreakable" as my personal favorite from M. Night.

And I don't care how many poor films he's made since then, few directors can honestly match the 3 Home Runs streak that M. Night went on with "The Sixth Sense", "Unbreakable", and "Signs". Incredible!

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