Avatar ★★★★½

I saw Avatar upon its original release 4 times in theaters. Despite the initial obsession, I've struggled to feel compelled to revisit this much in the last decade which I suppose that explains why this is my first entry on Letterboxd despite being on this site for nearly 10 years now. Maybe it's the length or just the fact that it became cool to hate on this film almost immediately after it made Box office history.

But you know what? I say screw all of that noise because Avatar is still quite magnificent. Seeing this on the big screen again in remastered 4K in IMAX 3D was just like discovering it for the first time all over again. Yes the film has its share of script issues and silly dialogue, but this level of wonder and craftsmanship is rarely to be found in today's modern blockbuster filmmaking. James Cameron created a truly spectacular imaginative world and I'd even argue the familiar story here is still a very solid one with a lot of heart.

After rewatching this and seeing that beautiful preview for The Way of Water, I'm even more amped up to see what James Cameron has in store for this sequel because I feel like the possibilities are now endless. Don't forget this is the man who brought us Aliens & Terminator 2. Please take all of my money.

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