The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

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The VVitching Hour of The Northman on a mission to have his vengeance where The Lighthouse is nowhere to be seen!

I just figured that this statement I originally created would be the perfect way to start off my review. I just got out of seeing Robert Eggers' latest project, and yeah, my grandmother and I both loved this movie very much. Eggers appears to have hit his third home run, following The Witch and The Lighthouse, both of which I adore. To be honest, I think The Northman might actually be my second favorite film from his filmography. He is currently one of those directors who every time he makes a movie, I'm always very excited to see what he has in store due to his consistent track record. This has to be one of the best revenge stories I have ever seen in a movie in years, and Eggers nailed it. Everything about this flick, including the cinematography, the cast, the music, the editing, the direction, and the brutal revenge story, were all done to perfection.

My second masterpiece of 2022!

Grade: A+

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