Fantastic Mr. Fox

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First time watching Fantastic Mr. Fox was quite a delightful treat and yeah, this is like one of the top-tier stop motion animated masterpieces in my book. Not only that, this is actually my very first introduction to Wes Anderson's entire catalog. So, I do think this is not a bad starting point into his work. I love, love, love, love Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!

I think in the next few months from now, this stop motion masterpiece will probably land in a spot on my list of comfort films where I will lay back on my nice couch, have food beside me and just be absorbed into this wonderful world Wes Anderson has masterfully crafted. George Clooney is SO GOOD in that movie. The stop motion is so TERRIFIC that I cannot take my eyes off of it. 87 minutes flew by so fast just because of how extremely entertaining it was. The whole cast was great too with awesome additions such as Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Willem DaFoe, Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson himself playing Stan Weasel. Then, when the final sequence happened, I have never felt this happy while watching any animated film in a very long time. Such a great feel good movie that will most likely be watched more times on Disney + from me.

Speaking of that, its on Disney +. Definitely worth your time!!!

Grade: A+

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