Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

I. Am. Groot ---

the motherfuckers did it again. sonofabitch. the motherfuckers did it again, with grace and joy.

James Gunn made my eyes bumps some tears up 'coz of a Blue mohawk red-head alien and a baby tree and its friends. Perhaps this is the great gift of a dark cinema room, no one can see the tears falling down up to your cheek. That was me, all of me in tears at the end of the film, the last 40 minutes of heart and soul, that lead me so roughly in tears, minutes by minutes, and I don't know why....

Was it the family centre narrative theme? Or it was the constant fatherhood theme back again to tie-up all the loose-ends of Peter Quill's life? -- Maybe both, John Gunn as both writer and director of this project made something that at the same time offers witty, humour, life and courage, be also dramatic and emotional as much, without being cheesy or Spielbergian-esque, it was generously and naturally human, and brought some kind of warm comfort home feels. The Guardians are not just a gang of crazy heroes in the storm, more of reckless and a crazy chitty chitty, bang bang-wagons crew than as ever, BUT a family. A group of individuals so orphanized from their homes; loners, lost brothers and mothers, wives and daughters, they're lost, and now they found each other; found strangers that are So common and uncommon altogether, they completed each other.

It's not just crazy-heist adventures on the space and beyond, with cosmological and primordials consequences but a warm, soft and friendly voyage of peoples that love each other, a gang of night cruisers whackers, but with cool and nice Blue Swede vibes. And where is that the heart is, and always will be.

On this second time is not just a typical superheroes flick adventure sci-fi Flash Gordon tirades, but a journey to find a reason and a family, now not just a Marvel's 'Star Wars' but a film itself; a reference to a film for the next generations. A film that will outstand among all the 15-20 some films made by Disney/Marvel, that will be seen as pieces of pop culture classics at the time... And I lived for. This is a necessary satisfaction of story enough. Guardians are so warm and fresh as the Star Lord's mixtapes 1 & 2... It's groundbreaking fun.

The one liners, witty characters, evolving characters storylines, and complex conflicting relationships made the best for me, and the best for me was the expansion of a simple plot for a better yet sequel than the first. Overall Gunn chose better yet kinds of music for its Vol. 2. And damn, he's a good engineer.

The VFX and design departments still outstand even more as before, either with the Sovereign's planet; golden, nice and tidy done. A vision of a clean, unspoilt world, that defines a race so well. As the much, the Ego's planet, should I say that is also so fucking beautiful as well, a funny and enormous planet, so small and at the same time so deserted and quiet for a man who has everything and all, and nothing at all, funny for a being so powerful and can't share anything with anyone. Sad. His ship also is a prime of its own life, Ego (Kurt Russell) travels by a spacecraft so white and orange, sharp and clean, and too uninteresting from their counterparts... Has no style and only image. Defines Ego very well.

the VFX dept. continues with competence, the-the scene where the Ego's ship crosses the space lines look-like a fast-cunning bullet through the veins of the cosmos. It's beautiful and elegant. The baby Groot that I wanted to hug and hug 'til he explodes of being not only cute but real and animal-like. Some others things continue to continues to be great; Rocket Racoon, the space FX uses, and all and all others functional scenes, like an Ego forming itself back again in bones... flesh and figure. Scary and nice. Perfect. As much the vol. 1, this deserves an AA nom. The make-up dept never fails when shows the Drax's face so real and charming too, Bautista never sounds creepy, it's a weird friend. The-the Amy Pound's make-up, I love the circling ironed grills upon the Nebula's right-eye. She sounds threatening and enigmatic. And so-on and so-on. 3 good depts making good entrances IMO to be nom next year.

The acting? All hail Micheal fucking Rooker, an actor so prone to violence and charisma in a single facial expression, it gave me reason to like him even more, v, very more than I did in the Walking Dead (one of the fewest good things in there), and the way Gunn humanized him, was exceptional, it gave depths to a mercenary of the galaxy. Plus Kurt Russell and its mullets, mullets, mullets, totally 80s motherfucker style, a charismatic fella with sweet eyes and softly spoken lines, dubious and honest, and what else he can bring to perfection. -- Stallone makes more of a cameo than acting, but that 5 minutes was a good deal, though. -- Chris Pratt is the best of all Chrisses of MCU; charismatic as fuck, and dramatic where he can, he can be a nice fella on space too, not that creepy-y fucker in Passengers. How many times can I repeat the word: cha-ris-ma-tic? -- Gunn and the VFX fellas made a tiny tree have more sentiments than any real being. Goddammit!

Ah, fuck it, I'll shut the fuck up, I'm having a painful migraine for 2 weeks from hell, but Gunn made my day, is been months that I haven't left the Cinemas so happy and shine, and crying again. the Motherfucker nailed fucking again.

Many things to say, but I'm fucking love it! So speechless to this awesomeness... Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is cool of studio!

Hasselhoff can work on space, too!

P.S.: It was just a coincidence that I saw Baywatch trailer before this film? -- No, it was FATE. God. Bless. Almighty


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