The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Even though The Godfather Part 2 doesn’t star Marlon Brando, it’s still gives the first one a run for it’s money. It’s a very rare occurrence that the sequel is on par or even better then the first. Coppola absolutely nailed it with this. Who would of thought it would of been possible to make a film as good as The Godfather let alone the film that follows it! 

I don’t know how Al Pacino didn’t win best actor for this. I understand how De Niro won his oscar (because he was amazing) but I really thought Al Pacino just brought a different level of acting in this. 
I also thought Robert Duvall isn’t talked about enough. He’s the backbone to this film in my opinion. 

I haven’t got a huge amounts to say about this because the way I feel about the first one moulds into this one. 
What a perfect way to carry on one of the best stories cinema has seen!

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