Upset that Letterboxd doesn't let us grade on a scale of one to ten, because I would totally give this an 8(1/2). I think you can totally see why this is what a lot of directors consider "the greatest film ever made". This is a movie that was made for people that love and appreciate film. I think that it can be pretty tough to feel bad for directors. They get millions of dollars to put their ideas onto the screen for millions of people to see. This movie does a really good job of showing the pressure that directors are under. The pressure they get from the outside, like producers is well documented, but this does a great job of showing the pressure they put on themselves. Then where I think this movie excels even more is, that I think it is still relatable for any person. This guy is a guy who just can't make a decision and struggles with trying to make everyone happy. That is something that everyone struggles with on some level and that is why this movie is so brilliantly written and directed.

Fellini does a great job of showing why he is one of the most respected filmmakers of all time. This movie is really what I was expecting Mank (2020) to be. And I think David Fincher is a hell of a director, but this is just such a better film at doing exactly what he was trying to do. The movie can be a little hard to follow at times, but I think it is still absolutely a film worth watching, not only to CineFiles, but general moviegoers as well.

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