Zack Snyder's Justice League

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Feel like this one probably warrants a review lol
Not only is this vastly superior to Josstice League, but also pretty much every movie DC has produced in the past decade? (Note: Excluding Aquaman because that is an unfair competition)
Four hours feel like two, cutesy + unbearably self-conscious moments from the first are stripped, and there's a remarkable sense of charming, awe-inspiring spectacle to it all. Snyder's vision shines throughout all 242 minuts, beat by beat, without fail. Yes, that certainly caused quite a bit of issues for me, but it also massively benefitted the film. From the special effects and redesigns of multiple characters, to a far more coherent narrative and an infinitely stronger protagonist in Ray Fisher's Cyborg, almost everything fits, and every character motive, interaction, and gesture makes sooooo much more sense - like almost immeasurable.
It takes itself incredibly seriously, almost beyond the point of belief, but manages to feel amazingly optimistic and heartfelt - even with Batman using machine guns, Snyder dangling an evil Superman at every which turn, and with all of the core team dealing with substantial parental/familial trauma. It's simple, no doubt, but I found myself connecting with it and thinking about it much more than I have with any recent Marvel flick, which seem to have taken the route of moral muddling and shilly-shallying. And it can't be left unnoticed that Fisher and even the smallest roles for people of color in JL17 have seen their importance and screentime improve drastically.
There's a lot of slo-mo lol like a lot a lot, and a wildly unfortunate lack of diversity for Diana's musical cues, yes, no doubt.
It is unbelievably refreshing to see somebody put their genuinely distinct, wild, absolutely batshit strange vision into a project like this. What can I say? Maybe I was a whore for Zaddy Snyder all along...

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