Unforgiven ★★★★★

Wonder if, even for one brief second, Clint’s mind flashed to Richard Schickel and/or Paul Nelson when he was shooting scenes with the character of W.W. Beauchamp (Saul Rubinek).

One of Little Bill’s men is a rotund, bearded character actor who I was certain I’d seen in something but couldn’t place. Thanks to the internet, I solved the mystery within a minute. His name is Jefferson Mappin and he was in Death Wish V: The Face of Death.

When you’re Clint Eastwood and you dedicate a movie to “Sergio and Don,” you know you just knocked it out of the park. He didn’t do that when he made Firefox. If I could only preserve 20 seconds of film history… well, I’m not sure what it would be, but one of the contenders would certainly be: “It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man…”

Real heads cheer when Buddy Van Horn’s name shows up in the closing credits as a consultant.

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