Kung Fu Stuntmen

Kung Fu Stuntmen ★★★★½

You are a Hong Kong stuntman on the set of Sammo Hung's Heart of Dragon. You are about to participate in a stunt so dangerous that even other veteran stuntmen in a notoriously reckless industry are afraid to do it. You are going to jump out of a construction site and plummet seven floors onto some mattresses and boxes while the building explodes behind you.

Just before the cameras roll, you accidentally step on a nail. Filming halts for a few minutes as the nail is removed from your foot. Then you do the stunt.

Your name is Yuen Mo. You'll also be in a movie where you fall eight floors and land on a skating rink on your back. You know that you will sustain serious and consequential injuries performing this, but you do it because Sammo Hung is the producer and you don't want to disappoint him.

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