Lightyear ★★★

"Lightyear" is one of Pixar's lesser efforts due to its general lack of sense of wonder, but it still gives the titular character a solid humanistic touch. The film centers on Buzz trying to fix what he feels is a mistake he did as a Space Ranger. The first act of the film which features Buzz's numerous attempts to do hyperspeed is captivating. When the film switches to a team's mission to defeat robots, the momentum unfortunately stagnates.

The characters of the film are decent, but they definitely needed more personality to stand out. Izzy Hawthorne's story is also given particular focus, although her character needed something more that will invest the viewer in her. It is Buzz's storyline that has the most potential yet it does not reach the heights it targeted. The ending, though, is quite heartwarming and leaves a pleasant impression.

Sox is highkey the STAR of this film, and I think that says a lot.

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