I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

I Care A Lot designed its ambitious lead character to be a representation of the self-destructing nature of greed, but it forgets to give this person a layer of depth to make her seem understandable. Marla Grayson is not a character you should root for, regardless of how Rosamund Pike's impeccable-as-usual performance will make Marla's demeanor an intimidating but make-believe "girl power" statement. Marla and her partner, also lover, has an elaborate scheme that takes away the life and property of unknowing seniors, and it is unimaginable how much Marla is willing to destroy the lives of many people. My only hope is that the film does not make lesbians look bad for others.

The film introduces a crime mob leader Roman Lunyov, played by Peter Dinklage, a total scene-stealer, to somehow water down Marla's deviousness and make the viewer believe that there are defintely more evil people out there. The attempt was unsuccessful and I even rooted for Dinklage's character at some point, especially after the exhilarating first half of the film transitioned into a more downcast second half. The lack of any moral compass and background in Marla's character makes her so cold and distant, such a contrast from the film's vibrant color palette. Promising Young Woman painted its lead character with so much attention to detail and eschewed revenge for a heartfelt statement, which is why I Care A Lot pales in comparison with its internally clashing values.

P.S. Chris Messina's suits in this film are BEAUTIFUL and I want them.

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