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  • Airplane!



    "Airplane!" is one of the funniest films and also among the most ridiculous I have seen. The jokes come one after another with very few pauses and a lot of them incredibly lands. While it is a self-aware parody of multiple films, it can also be seen as a tribute of some sorts, turning the notable dialogues and idioms into visual puns and humorous acts. The cast seems to be enjoying their roles so much and the energy just reflects…

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    "In The Heights" is a colorful celebration of the culture and hard work of the Latino community in New York, boasting electrifying and pulsating musical numbers and charming performances. However, the film's overarching "pursue your dreams" storyline can get needlessly winding and unfocused despite a simple and thin premise. Ultimately, the music makes the film mostly a vibrant triumph for the community it depicts.

    The musical numbers are the biggest selling points of "In The Heights" since the plot and…

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  • Hello, Love, Goodbye

    Hello, Love, Goodbye


    Alden Richards’ character, Ethan, is pushy, creepy and problematic.

    He will continue sending friend requests even if Joy declined several times already. He will make the radio station talk about Joy in public without her permission. He will use another phone to text Joy anonymously. He will act like a police even if Joy is weeping out of fear. He will squeeze through inside a small room knowing that Joy will be uncomfortable. He will continually send “Need a friend…

  • Parasite



    Here’s why I did not love Parasite.

    An international film hailed as Best Picture would be historic and incredible. However, despite my inclinations to further recognize foreign-language cinema, Parasite is not my personal Best Picture of 2019. Parasite’s commentary plays it safe, and the result of this safe delivery is the praise the film receives from American liberals and all the privileged and comfortable people from Hollywood and beyond. I do not aim to tear down Parasite’s general acclaim, but…