Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

Astonishingly, my first time with this (but my third Kurosawa). 

I'm far from the type that cries out about how films aren't what they used to be, but while watching Kurosawa's magnum opus one can't help but notice a directorial magic that is absent from the silver screen today. Kurosawa manages scale effortlessly, and despite the film's lengthy runtime and slow opening, it remains a truly captivating film. Asian cinema - particularly Japanese - has always felt just a tad distant from me, but Seven Samurai's universal appeal is undeniable as each frame cements itself as being one of the finest films ever made. It oozes confidence, manages a massive cast of characters with ease, and is more intense and well choreographed than many action films today. This film made today? It would be bloated, hectic, plastic (See: Avengers films). No, there's true, unreplicable magic at work here.

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