Halloween ★★★★½

Hooptober 5 24/31

Did a couple of classic rewatches with some friends who aren't particularly well-versed in horror. This classic is as good as ever with Carpenter's perfect pacing and direction, not to mention one of the best horror scores ever. I've spoken before on how expertly Meyers is framed in this film, and I noticed even a couple of shots of him lurking in the background I missed before, even having seen this likely a half dozen times now. But more importantly on this watchthrough, I'm struck by Pleasence's commitment to Loomis' zealotry. Because I grew up with The Great Escape, I've always been fond of Pleasence and therefore Loomis. And while I don't think Loomis is wrong, per se, he is alarmingly Ahab-esque. In this first film there is no extra mythology, no mystical element of Meyers' abilities, yet Loomis is crazed. It's an extra layer that's fascinating and only gets peeled back the longer this series ran on - Loomis himself is perhaps the only true character of the franchise.

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