• Bottoms



    I like it. Glad to catch in theatres. Very funny sometimes. I like cast they are funny. Other times not funny which made me like ☹️

  • Elysium



    The visual similarity of the exo suit with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which came out in the same year has I'm sure been joked about to death but it is really fucking funny. The whole movie has the same incomprehensible pseudo-political talk about overthrowing systems and deploying operatives to Locations and epic Enhanced Weapons that a modern COD campaign would have. Super fun.

    Matt Damon

  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense


    Yeaahhh best fucking thing ever. Cannot imagine the energy of seeing this during TIFF but this was a transcendent experience. Since seeing American Utopia 3 years ago I now know pretty much all these songs back to front and many all some all time favourites. Hit after hit. I cannot believe the level of joy and pure energy this keeps up, let alone the amount of physical work that David Byrne does. Also one of the most beautiful perfect movies…

  • A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    The man himself returns to grace our screens. Kenny’s reach exceeds his grasp but he just acts like he grasped no problem anyway. This is why we love him. This one is has the least of the uncanny over-expensive surreal digital element of the other two and I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully he makes another one.

  • Will and Ben versus Time

    Will and Ben versus Time

    Our private premiere screening! Finally after 2 years of hard work, I am comfortable with this being done. The “with” tags don’t even begin to cut it here…theatre was filled with family, friends, old teachers…a wonderful experience. 

    We’re playing online at the Brooklyn Sci Fi Fest later in the year so look out for it! It’s probably (hopefully) gonna be a longer time than usual before this is available “widely” but I’m very excited for everyone to see it. Was a joy to make it and has been even better showing it to people.

  • La La Land

    La La Land

    I think I heard 2% of the dialogue over everybody screaming and yelling (including me)

  • Mother, Couch

    Mother, Couch


    TIFF 2023 #25

    Strong finisher. Far more surreal and KAUFMANESQUE than I expected, coming into this as a successor to the offbeat strangeness of Raymond and Ray. Maybe…Ewan Is Afraid?? I fucking love Ewan McGregor so as disappointed as I was by his voice not being the usual crunchy unidentifiable American accent I was glad to be able to take the movie more seriously lol


  • Poolman


    TIFF 2023 #24

    Embarrassing. I love Pineman generally but this was grating and weak. Script is awful. Pales in comparison to something like Under the Silver Lake or Chinatown which it repeatedly compares itself to…those movies have a vibe and a flow, and are good. Maybe the worst thing I’ve ever seen in that IMAX theatre, or at least the thing that felt most bizarrely out of place there. Poolman.

  • Concrete Utopia

    Concrete Utopia


    TIFF 2023 #23

    Awesome. Bleak and blockbuster cinematic. Exploring the depths and depravities of humanity!! Microcosm of the costs of society and step by step of stability crumbling! Yeah I read High Rise I know how fucked up apartment complexes are!!!

  • Flora and Son

    Flora and Son


    TIFF 2023 #22

    Fun! Cute! Everybody looking forward to this beware: Joseph Gordon Levitt plays an Irish mobster and he has an extremely thick and historically accurate Irish accent. This really weighed down the film for me.

  • Mademoiselle Kenopsia

    Mademoiselle Kenopsia


    TIFF 2023 #18

    Far surpassed my expectations. The festival synopsis made this sound incredibly tedious, like the ideal pretentious experimental film a 15 year old could imagine. Meanwhile it’s actually kind of terrifying and doesn’t feel didactic at all despite a bunch of really well-integrated theme-navigating monologues. Larissa Corriveau has a really powerful presence and I loved watching her. Felt like a super industrial, super stripped back version of a haunted house story. Even more unnerving seeing these still, abandoned spaces on the biggest screen in the city. Insanely good loved loved loved it

  • Next Goal Wins

    Next Goal Wins


    TIFF 2023 #17

    Dead on arrival. I’m not made of stone and the end made me feel things but Taika’s shtick has super rapidly reached the point of being overplayed and tired. At least his older comedies had a bit more of an original perspective, this just feels very by the numbers and disinterested especially as something that should have been a “one for me”. Feels like its focus is mostly just making fun of the team and so it…