The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

The Northman was that viking journey that started with revenge and ended in redemption.

The story and movie itself was a period piece that would be taken straight from the Norse folklore which included bloody battles, folklore magic, and culture rituals. The characters overall were a great sight to behold from the seeress played by Bjork to Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth.

That said, this would feel like a different film from Eggers that won't be worth comparing to The Lighthouse and The Witch. This felt like the director wanted to go with something different yet keeping on point with his artistic imagery he had done in previous work. I have to say he nailed it with that. There will be others that'll say different though I'm sure.

The movie diving into Viking culture and other aspects of it was surprisingly not heavy in gore and blood. There will be some amazing scenes and deaths to be seen. Pacing won't be an issue as this will keep your interest all the way through.

Overall this wasn't a perfect movie but it will be one talked about heavily. This was a worthwhile watch for those into Norse culture, Viking savagery, and a fan of Eggers work.

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