Fascination ★★★½

Fascination had me fascinated when that scythe started getting used.

This movie was a slow going one at the start but once we arrived at the chateau that was when things started to get going.

This french film harbored some vibes of Vampyres a little bit in the sexual content and the characters of Eva and Elizabeth. This movie also had a nice flavoring of Hammer films when it came to the effects and deaths. The elegant look of the chateau and residence there gave lovely atmosphere as it start to slowly get removed for something darker coming to the finale.

Overall, this was a good watch. It almost ran that same vein as Vampyres and I love it cause that movie was sneaky sinister with their third act. Between this and Two Orphan Vampires (1997), I might have to dip into this director's list of movies more often.

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