Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Don’t take the ring Laura 

Wow... I was not expecting this. After finishing the original run of the series this was my only logical next step but wow was I unprepared.

This film takes a subject addressed in the series but truly examines it in a horrifying and tragic way making you fully begin to understand the horrors of the town of Twin Peaks

All the performances are truly incredible as usual for Twin Peaks but especially for Sherl Lee who for obvious reasons didn’t get as much time to shine in the series, is at the centre of it all and brings her A-game. Making us care for and breaks our hearts for the tragedy of Laura Palmer which she makes so real. Her presence brings so much life and a wide array of emotions that when her eventual fate hits, it leaves you feeling empty.

Ray Wise also brings everything, having to play a character with so much range and in doing so really sends chills down your spine

This film made me appreciate Twin Peaks even more than I already did as it showed that it’s more than just a murder mystery with supernatural elements. But a real world with iconic characters, heartbreaking themes, a real nightmarish horror underneath it all scarier than anything else to how uncomfortably real it is despite how strange and supernatural it gets.
Plus a tale of tragedy so devasting, yet so real for so many of us. 

I love this series so so much for all it does.

Now to see where it does when I reach... The Return

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