Scream ★★★★½

I know, I know. "But I thought you hated horror!"

I might have to change that opinion, because THIS is how you do a horror movie.

Did I suffer? Yes.
But did I also enjoy it immensely? Yes!

It has all the right amounts of 90s cheesiness, and the concept is actually horrifying, as well as the execution (no pun intended).

The perfectly crafted shots, the long takes, the wide lens that makes everything seem just a bit off... the suspense is built masterfully, the jumpscares happen at just the right moments, and it's constantly subverting expectations and keeping you guessing until the last second.

This is also extremely rewatchable, and it made me want to watch all the horror films mentioned in it, so don't be surprised if that's exactly what I do.

What have I become? I guess we all go a little mad sometimes...

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