Blade Runner

Blade Runner

It's too bad she wont live, but then again who does?

A bountiful basket of mystery and emotion. My favorite thing about Blade Runner is that it doesn't dumb things down for the viewer's sake. It asks the most intriguing of questions, such as, what does it mean to be human? A question we simply still cannot answer, even all of these years later. Blade Runner makes us reevaluate all in which we know about being human, all in which we think we know about being human.

The replicants are so self-aware and deeply desire to get to know their own personal identity. Constantly seeking reassurance. But for the humans, they don't seek answers, they don't even question, they simply welcome the mundane and rarely reflect.

The melodic, dark, dystopian score composed by Vangelis is pristine and sincerely moving.

To put it lightly, Blade Runner astounded me, delighted me, and impacted me.

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