The Horror of Party Beach

The Horror of Party Beach ★★★★

Stephen King allegedly once called The Horror of Party Beach a wet fart of a film. It has a reputation for being a monstrosity of a picture. Sure, they used chocolate syrup for blood; The underwater scenes do nothing to disguise that the wrecked ship is a miniature toy with fish in an aquarium crudely superimposed on top; The monsters’ teeth are sausages. If you read this and expect a slickly produced action frightfest, reread the previous sentences and recalibrate your expectations because a castle made of sand is still a castle, even if it's made of the sands of Party Beach.

For Split Tooth Media's October Horror series I wrote about Party Beach, it's should-be-iconic monsters, and why it's best to ditch the "so-bad-it's-good" approach while watching it. This movie is an absolute blast, and you'll see why even its harshest critics seem to concede that the film has an unshakable joy to it.

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