Shrew's Nest

Shrew's Nest ★★★★

Shrew's Nest risks becoming repetitive in its deliberately slow burn pacing and the characters' occasional lapses into inconsistent logic dragged it down a bit. That out of the way, this bleak psychological horror-drama juggles the tender subject matter of generational trauma brought on by a lifetime of abuse and lies with a sizable dose of gruesome splatter horror that only further showcases the quality of Spanish horror done right. For all its faults, Shrew's Nest picks itself up with a helping hand in Macarena Gómez, who puts in a captivating and disturbing performance I would happily rank as one of the best of the 2010s and one of the best I've ever seen in a horror film. The film's missteps would've made this a considerably worse experience were it not for Gómez's terrifying and tragic turn as the agoraphobic Montse and if there's ANY reason to check this out, it is for her. The price of a Shudder subscription is honestly too low for what her work is worth, so no reason not to seek this immediately.

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