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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    it was good! stylistically consistent but i think anderson has hit higher emotional peaks with some of his earlier films. the first story comes the closest to this i think. i also liked owen wilson's silly little cycling-round-town bit.
    my boyfriend's one-sentence review: "why is adrien brody playing basically the same character as he did in the grand budapest hotel?

  • Effie Gray

    Effie Gray


    a good period drama is so hard to find. the subject matter is fantastic and could have made an excellent melodrama in the right hands but instead we have a sugary script penned by emma thompson and flat, uninspired direction that bears all the hallmarks of bad period drama-itis:
    - insipid piano-and-strings score that tinkles away in the background with no emotional weight
    - intermittent wide-angle shots of the rugged, windswept landscape (paired with the aforementioned piano score)
    - angelic,…

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