From Dusk Till Dawn

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This review may contain spoilers.

When this film makes it to the Mexican bordello that's a secret haven for blood-sucking vampires feasting on unsuspecting bikers and truckers, it's a crazy and fun horror action ride. My problem is that, even after starting off with a bang, it takes us a fall half of the movie to get to where the meat of the action takes place. Some may argue it's just a slow burn and necessary to set up the characters, but it honestly just feels more like filler, especially since those characters are mostly dispatched with in short order anyway. It's still great, though, just for that entire bordello sequence, and Salma Hayek is sexy as hell as the lead vampires. I also liked Tom Savini as the crotch-gun wielding Sex Machine. Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney are OK as the murderous robbers, but it's reaaaally hard to emphasize with psychotic killers, even if Clooney is supposed to be the more level-headed of the two. It's a trope of these Tarantino/Rodriguez movies I don't really care for, romanticizing people who have no trouble killing innocents in cold blood. Harvey Keitel does a decent job, and while Juliette Lewis is mostly OK, I found it pretty unlikely she'd want to run off with the man who just took her family hostage and got them killed as she offers at the end of this film. Despite the pacing and sometimes annoying character moments, the last half of this movie is such bonkers fun that I'm willing to overlook most of it. I came to this flick too late and wasn't as over the moon as most to consider it a classic as others do, but I do like that second act, man.

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