The Fall

The Fall ★★★½

This movie accomplished its mission in making sweet, sweet love to my corneas.

The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh, tells the story of a young girl named Alexandria, whose in a hospital for an arm injury. There, she meets a stunt-man named Roy, whose in the hospital for messing up a stunt. What follows is a tale told by two people of adventure, love, and deception.

Shot in 24 countries for 4 years, this film made it priority number 1 to please the eye, and it did so with flying colors. Showcasing the beauty of Earth's natural and man-made wonders, the film is a visual masterpiece. Deep and bright contrasts, vibrant usage of both synthetic and natural coloring, The Fall is what I define as an 'art film'.

The rest of the movie though, could've fared better. The plot is actually much darker than one would expect, involving manipulation of children and suicide. I have to say, considering that this movie was shown as this gorgeous epic that must be seen in the highest resolution, it was annoying when you are grounded back to reality and the more realistic backgrounds and color.

If there was one part of the movie that I objectively didn't like, it would be Alexandria. I realize that critics criticize child actors with a lot more forgiveness, as they are new to the 'game'. I completely understand that and have no problem with it. However, with much forgiveness comes more errors, and in my opinion Catinca Untaru was an error, if not just a tiny misfire. Yes, she is very young in this film, and the amount of acting she does is really impressive, but the way she talked and her occasionally just breaking the intrigue of the story just did not work for me. I'm not saying she's a bad actor-she's not, but when I want to see a visual stunner of a movie, I don't like it when I'm transported back to the real world by a young girl.

With an ending that briefly shows Tarsem's love for movies and the visual spectacular that it is, The Fall is something that I would watch again gladly. I wholeheartedly command to watch this movie in the highest fidelity possible, and truly absorb the colors and brilliant directing. You just have to sit through a bit of drama to get there.