Logan ★★★★

Logan, directed by James Mangold, is the latest 20th Century Fox X-Men movie, and stars Hugh Jackman in his perhaps final outing as the iconic Wolverine. It's 2029, the world has gone to shit, the mutants are almost a thing of the past, and Logan is doing his best to aid an ailing Professor X near the Mexican border. Things are generally crappy, but things take an interesting turn when a new young mutant shows up, pursued by dark forces.


Ah, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The Canadian Destroyer. The Snick-Bub. While I didn't grow up and still haven't watched most of the X-Men movies, I still loved his portrayal the...one time I've seen him in a movie, excluding this one. I liked Days of Future Past fine enough.

I was pretty psyched for Logan. It looked nothing the previous movies, with the drab and dusty look, and seemed to be more of a character piece than anything.

So I went in and yeah, it delivered.


The key word here is "grim". Everything is brown and sand orange. The brilliant gleam of the superhero has come and long gone, so much so this doesn't even feel like a superhero movie. Not in the traditional sense, at least, because this is one of the best superhero movies that has been made in recent times.

This is rated-R and oh yeah, it needs that R-rating. It's not just for the blood guts slashing action that you get from Wolverine, although seeing actual blood for the first time when he slices someone feels so good, but the R is for it's way different tone, it's style, it's very liberal use of profanity, everything to set this mature, dusty world where the X-Men are no more. The PG-13 rating simply would not have worked.

One thing I noticed was just how...cinematic this movie was. One of the biggest gripes I've had with the new Marvel movies is just how bland the directing and cinematography was. Say what you want about the original Spider-Man trilogy, they had style. I absolutely adored Logan's shot design. It feels like a movie, without the "superhero" stamp on it. It's shot like a freaking Western, and indeed, the movie seems to take inspiration from the old cowboy "last ranger" movies of the 60's. They even show a bit of the 1953 Western classic Shane and play a bit with it.


The cast...oh sweet Jesus. Patrick Stewart and Jackman give easily amazing performances. Do I dare say Oscar worthy?

...yes. Yes I do, actually. Their performances are damn Oscar worthy. But that's not to dismiss the newcomer here, Daphne Keen as the kid.

12 year old me had a huge crush on the morbid Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family movies. 12 year old me would've probably went head over heels for Daphne Keen's X-23. She cute, she's deadly, and for an 11 year old, she gives an absolutely astounding performance. Good child actors are like unicorns, man.

Those three, supported by a well-rounded cast of others, made me care about Wolverine. I have not felt so much emotion from a superhero movie for a long time. Again, this is coming from a guy that didn't follow the original X-Men movies. It made the superhero human, and it did it so well.


It has it's flaws, though. Rather noticeable ones. I feel like the end of the 2nd act and the beginning of the 3rd act kinda dragged a bit. It had it's reason, and I liked what I saw, but I still think they could've cut just a bit.

The villains I think could've done more, but for the most part they're fine, they're just there.

Overall though, the good far outweighs the bad. There is just so much they did right.


Overall, if Logan is Jackman's send off to the character, then I don't think they could've done it better. Like the old drifter riding into the sunset for the last time. It definitely deserves your money. Go see it.