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  • The Best Of Smack The Pony

    The Best Of Smack The Pony


    Not strictly a sketch comedy show. There are bits and pratfalls thrown in. The 3 central writers have a great supporting cast, including Sarah Alexander and Darren Boyd.

  • Harry's Game

    Harry's Game


    The story is told from the point of view of the occupying force. Harry's just a soldier, a pawn in a senseless game that nobody wins. You have to wonder why a married man with children would choose to join the IRA. It's all so fucking suicidal.

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  • Friends



    I can no longer watch this show. At first it was only Phoebe who annoyed me. Now, the only ones I can tolerate are Chandler and Monica.

  • Murder by Contract

    Murder by Contract


    Martin Scorcese was right. The soundtrack is unusual. The titles are unusual. The main character is unusual. If you like different movies, then this is the movie for you. It has a style all it's own. Vince Edwards is money.