A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★

Just as clumsily plotted as the original, but now that the ingenuity of the premise has worn off a bit, the weak script was really all that I could focus on. Hey John, I wondered, how did everyone know to be quiet when the aliens first landed, did they see the first movie? Why didn't the mean ugly scavengers on the docks just take the working boat over to the island of friendly attractive homeowners? Why did Cillian Murphy, the most eligible widower in the apocalypse, keep his beacon fire lit if he didn't want needful widows to come and crash at his place? Was he maybe hoping for one with fewer kids? I guess there's only so much you can put into your bio using smoke signals.

Thankfully Krasinski is a better director than he is a writer. There were a few scenes in this movie that succeeded in putting me at the edge of my seat, even if none of those scenes had satisfying resolutions or interesting consequences for our characters. Also fuck me I guess for hoping that Emily Blunt's character might get more to do in this one. She just attaches herself to the first bearded thing she sees and begs him to act the protector, to complete the family unit.

This movie has no good reason to exist. The first movie was all about the gimmick, and this one doesn't even try to think up a variation on that gimmick. The only change is that the CGI on the monsters has gotten noticeably worse. Some practical heads for the close ups could have gone a long way, but then everything about this movie seems a tad lazy.

I think this is the first movie I've seen in theaters since Tenet almost a year ago. I remember having a great time at the theater with A Quiet Place, as everyone pretended that their fellow moviegoers might eat them if they made the smallest noise. I was looking forward to experiencing that energy again with part 2, but unfortunately, I was the only one at the showing. That dissapointment might have gone some way to inform my harsher opinion.

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