Spencer ★★★★½

insanely creative psychological take on princess diana’s story and life inside the beyond fucked royal family
phenomenal cinematography and shot framing in my opinion that scratches that minimalist spot in my brain and gives that warm pastel saturated film grainy type feel 
very emotionally charged, cleverly crafted, and hard hitting pieces of dialogue as well as huge amounts of underlying lessons, themes, and symbols 
really good at conveying a overbearing feeling of entrapment, unrealistic expectations, dissatisfaction, struggles with self-fulfillment, etc.
definitely one of the best quote on quote ‘period pieces’ ive seen in a while and was not expecting to feel this way about it going into it kristen stewart did an outstanding job at playing the part 
also, the sign in the kitchen in the beginning hOLYYYY SHITTTT so good
i think i’ll forgive kristen stewart and twilight for existing after this one

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