The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon ★★★

Giving it an arbitrary three star rating because for every beautiful, spectacular thing in the film, there's something equally repulsive or banal. I honestly can't decide if this is subversively feminist, overly misogynist, or (as my guess) just Nicolas Winding Refn giving himself a big ol handjob throughout, but it's without a doubt one of the most hypnotic films I've seen in a while. But one of the biggest problems with it is, it just made me want to rewatch Mulholland Drive. And that's kind of the movie in a nutshell: a lurid, trashy yet meticulous attempt to make a David Lynch film. 

But I can't say I didn't like it. And it feels equally weird saying that I did.

Also, I'm convinced now that Abbey Lee is 100% computer generated. She just does not look tactile.

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