Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★½

I walked into this movie knowing almost nothing about it.

From the trailers and shorts, I had expected this to be something like Troy. Around one third into the movie, I realised it was a retelling of the Moses/Ten Commandments bible story. Which was fine, perhaps a welcome surprise. I like 'realistic' re-tellings of fables/legends etc. (No disrespect to any staunch catholics out there.)

The movie starts pretty well, but then sort of loses touch a bit. Because of the need for long scenes of exposition to span an entire lifetime, it was prone to letting the audience disconnect with the antagonist.

Conversely, to keep the story moving along, they jump ahead in time in laps and bounds, which I guess I didn't mind because it was increasing the pace, but it did feel a little... rushed.

The beats of the bible story (ten plagues of Egypt, parting of the red sea etc) were all handled in a very realistic and believable way, which I did enjoy. Excellent special effects.

However, I would have to say that the movie really started to drag towards the final reel, and at the two hour mark I sort of started to care less and less.

Overall, Exodus: Gods and Kings was a brave project, which certainly looked beautiful, but ultimately fell flat, because the pace and the execution of the story failed to provide enough substance make the viewer believe, or buy into the impetus for the characters' actions. And it's runtime was too long - it aims to be an epic but fails.

Two and a half stone tablets for this Sunday school class.

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