Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★★

There were times while I was watching this where I was like, damn, is this the greatest movie of all time? While it does end up getting a little convoluted and could understandably rub people the wrong way with how it breaks the fourth wall, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a fast-paced bundle of relatively grounded action, objectively funny dialogue, and that beautiful neo-noir lighting. I’m a simple man - give me a detective story that makes a few stops at some extravagant parties and nightclubs and I’ll love your movie.

Shane Black said the title of this film is because it’s half romantic comedy and half action/crime, and that is a hell of a flick he’s selling right there. The romantic plot here is honestly more intriguing than a lot of straight-up romcoms I’ve seen, and a lot of that can be chalked up to Michelle Monaghan. She had a few years in the mid 2000s where she was kind of killing it, and I’m definitely including The Heartbreak Kid when I say that (my dad loves that movie - shoutout to the old man).

While I sometimes question if Black can write completely compelling plots, there’s no doubt he’s an absolute wizard at writing dialogue, and it fits like a glove with Robert Downey Jr. The actor who seems like a perpetual one-liner collaborating with a sharp screenwriter results in as many lines of quotable dialogue as you’d expect. Second on the marquee is Val Kilmer, and any movie with him in it is a W. It’s an absolute shame we can’t see Val like this anymore, but I hope his legacy will continue to be recognized because this dude was a heartthrob and certified box office star across multiple decades.

With just the right amount of winks at the camera and a hilarious cast whose chemistry outweighs any hang-ups you may have with the story, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang had me with a goofy ass grin on my face for like 80% of its runtime.

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