Blow Out

Blow Out ★★★★

Did you hear that? The sound of murder.
Brian De Palma’s follow-up to Dressed to Kill is directly based on Antonioni’s Blow Up (1966) - just replacing the medium of photograph for the medium of audio recording. Although I may personally lean more towards the original Italian flick, I think that it’s practically nonsense to try and compare them. Each is completely its own animal, and both are immensely well-rounded cinema - beautifully utilizing every aspect of the medium: visuals, audio, editing, and everything in the middle.
One of the most enjoyable treats here is watching John Travolta in the prime of his age & career.
But, overall, another top-notch De Palma flick that displays his usual visual flourishes to the extreme. I’ve heard a few critics claim that Blow Out is actually the zenith within the director’s filmography. It’s also one of his more accessible. A pitch-black midnight film, nonetheless. This is one of those De Palma’s that cannot be missed.
(+ Vilmos Zsigmond continues to be a virtuoso behind the camera.)