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  • Event Horizon

    Event Horizon


    I remember seeing the trailer for this movie back when I was like 10, and it influenced my childhood more than I can properly express. It started my fascination with Sci-Fi/Horror, which is probably one of my favorite genres, and so rarely done well. Yeah, we have the classics, like Alien, or Predator, but there's a lotta garbage out there, like that terrible DOOM movie.

    Event Horizon is not a masterpiece, it's not The Shining meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. But it's surprisingly competent, has a fantastic atmosphere, and god I wish we could see the uncut version that supposedly has been lost to the past.

  • Drive



    Each time I watch this movie I feel like I'm experiencing it on a different level than the last time. My first watch through, I enjoyed the technical aspects of the movie, especially the sound design. Second time through, I got caught up in the plot and wondered if it dragged at times, but still enjoyed it.

    This time through, the movie struck me on an emotional level I didn't expect.

    There is a distinct lack of dialogue in this…

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