Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★

Well, I never thought samurai’s were cool, especially not when they’re very theatrical and some characters go completely over the top with unbelievable attitudes and lots of yelling.

The first 2 hours are mainly build-up. Lots of humor, but it rarely caught on with me and I thought it was all a bit lackluster. The characters are explored and the bond is built. Not brilliantly profound, but not annoying either. It just goes on for a very long time and although every characters is unique in their own way, not every character is equally fun to follow. 

The film starts to become more and more amusing at a later stage with the battle and the rain scene. Everything is conjured up on the screen with great speed, which made it difficult for me to place the images and who the hell the characters were. So sadly it’s visually not as great as you might think. Lots of budget is put into towns, and the final goes so fast that it just seems chaotic. Lots of dust clouds and waving swords, but little overview. 

Seven Samurai for sure has strong elements, although being dated it has some entertaining moments and Kurosawa is a fine director that has something to tell, but damn is it at times really annoying and boring to watch.

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