Zodiac ★★★★★

A suspenseful, captivating film that, despite its runtime (and unlike Paul Avery’s constant cig habit), never drags. 

Regularly regarded as one of the most underrated films of the 2000’s (at least on the lists I have read?), Zodiac exceeds even the loftiest of expectations. The perfectly cast ensemble expertly brings to a life a truly horrifying period in the history of California and, even though the film’s source is at least somewhat conjecture, Graysmith’s book of the same name is a story wonderfully fit for film.  

David Fincher allows the audience to share in the aggravation of the film’s reporters and policemen alike. Their fear was real and so is ours. Their frustration was real and so is ours. And much like our actor’s real-life counterparts, the lack of an answer in this case will leave you gut-punched and craving the truth.  

A must see.

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