Scream ★★★★★

RIP to Wes Craven.

One of the greats of the genre and the man responsible for the timeless, terrifying original, Scream.

A game changer at it's initial release, Scream's unique ability to blend humour and horror breathed renewed life into a genre considered stale and half-dead. In fact, Scream used it's own predecessor's rotting, bloated tropes to craft a wholly novel take on the slasher films that dominated Horror in the 80s. Craven's best is also, in its own right, a wonderful whodunit, and one whose excellent ensemble is further buoyed by it's well curated soundtrack. It is hardly surprising this film has to date spawned 3 sequels with a fourth on the way.

Of course, those looking to nitpick could find their issues here, especially on rewatch. But, as with the best horror movies, the first watch means the most and only virgin eyes can fully appreciate this one for all its worth. It's just one of the rules of the Genre!

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