Mirror ★★★★★

I decided to watch "The Mirror" because I read that so many people could not understand it and so said it was awful. This is just the kind of thing that pushes me to watch a film.

Indeed The Mirror is hard to understand. It's easy to feel, though. For those who are interested in real Cinema, the movie locks you into its meaningful images, makes you think what they mean to the movie - the fire in the barn, the mother in the shower, the dripping milk - and then lead you to your own feelings. This is an autobiographical picture. Tarkovsky himself told that this was his memories. Obviously, they aren't only Tarkovsky's memories, they are paths to anyone's self-knowledge. They're also pure cinematographic poetry.

The Mirror is therefore a Cinema class. Evey single director who wants to make art should see it, study it. Tarkovsky gathers the best of the cinema coming from Bergman, Fellini, Eisenstein, even Godard due it's broken narrative, to create something that belongs only to him.

A film I wouldn't indicate, though. I know I love it and I know this is Cinema in every single second of it because it has became a part of me too. So I'd hate to see someone who didn't understand it talking nonsense about The Mirror, like they do about, for example, The Three of Life therefore I'd rather to keep watching it over and over by myself.

It's an unique and personal experience anyways.

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