Zodiac ★★★★★

This is more of a maddening mental game than it is a movie. The plot machinations twist and turn, information is reveled and then it is rebutted. Obsessive compulsion pumps through the veins of the film.

The amazing thing is that will all of the chaos and uncertainty, the film is one of the most precisely shot, edited, and directed films I can remember.

The film is a like a perverse Jenga game. That is to say that the case is built, block by block, but then as the blocks get taken away, the film is reshaped. Then when some of the block that were taken off the table get added back to the structure, it again redefines and reshapes our thinking of the case and the movie.

Fischer directed a movie I don't like called The Game, but it is this film for me that is more of a game. A game where the director can make up the rules as he goes along. He makes us, the viewer, become as obsessed as the characters. He makes us the killer, and the detective.

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